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You Deserve Someone Who’s in Your Corner

We’re here to help make sure your wealth is managed strategically, effectively — and with honest intentions.

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Retirement Goals New Castle, PA Mrozek Financial

At Mrozek Financial, we’ve worked with enough pre-retirees and retirees to know — not everyone has the same needs and goals for their retirement.

That’s why, when you work with us, we’ll make sure we:

Truly Understand Your Expectation New Castle, PA Mrozek Financial

Truly understand your expectations.

Working with us is an investment, and we want to make sure you get as much value out of our solutions as possible. So, sit back and relax; we’re on your team, and we’re here to take some worry and responsibility off your plate.

Remain Practical and Proactive New Castle, PA Mrozek Financial

Remain practical
and proactive.

We’re not into big risks for little reward. When providing objective advice and guidance, we always look at the big picture before delivering any recommendations, all while keeping your ideal future in mind.

Educate You New Castle, PA Mrozek Financial

Educate you, as well as
advise you.

As a firm of fiduciary advisors, long-term relationships are our main goal. That’s why we always strive to offer open and honest communication about our services so you’re fully aware of the rationale behind our recommendations.

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How we can help you live the life you ultimately deserve.

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Your Team

Serving the Hardworking People

Of our communities.

Our firm is built on traditional values: honesty, integrity and compassion. We deeply care about our clients and do everything we can to make sure you succeed. More than a profession, our job allows us to make a genuine difference in people’s lives, a happy outcome from simply doing what we enjoy.

Especially when it comes to your retirement, we want to help make sure the steps you take now lead you to more abundance in the future — not more stress. That’s why we always start every new client relationship with an open and honest discussion about your needs, dreams and fears because the better we know you, the more effective our solutions will be.

Robert Mrozek Photo

Robert Mrozek

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Robert Mrozek


As the owner of Mrozek Financial, Robert takes great pride in delivering high-touch, personal customer service. The benefit of being the owner of the business: he is not required to sell Mrozek Financial — he is Mrozek Financial. He believes that a strong ethical and moral approach to business is the only way to ensure a prosperous future in the financial advising industry. Armed with knowledge and expertise — and shielded only by his strong ethical beliefs — he has continuously put forth extra effort for the benefit of his clients.

Robert is a proud graduate of Youngstown State University, holding a bachelor’s degree in management information systems. He also has a background rich in banking and business. As an Investment Advisor Representative with Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., he is licensed in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, New York, and Connecticut, where he holds his principal, fee-based account license and his life, accident, and health insurance licenses.

As an independent Investment Advisor Representative, Robert is capable of developing a variety of plans that put a wide range of disciplines at his clients’ disposal, including but not limited to, investment management, business planning, estate planning, and retirement planning. Outside of work, Robert proudly sponsors numerous events and local sports teams around the county on a regular basis. He has also been honored to have his name associated with the Western Pennsylvania Balloon Quest for many years. A lifelong resident of Union Township, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Marci, and their eight amazing children.

What to Expect

Providing Clarity and Guidance

As you enter this exciting new chapter of your life.

Working with a financial advisor may initially seem intimidating, but by the time you sit down with us, you’ll know we’ve got your best interests taken care of. When you work with us, there are no stupid questions or irrational fears. Everything you express to us is in complete confidentiality; our office is a safe space for you to unload your worries and gain new insights and clarity into your situation.

Retirement is an exciting transition, and we have seen with our own eyes how effective planning can lead to a beautiful life past employment. While you may feel like there are countless details to sort out, we never tackle everything at once. Step by step, we’ll gradually lead you through the actions needed to secure your retirement and beyond so you can rest easy knowing you and your family are set up for success.

Working With Us is Easy

Because our goal is to simplify your life!

First Step

You’ll be invited a free, initial consultation where we’ll get to know a little more about you. From your history and family to your investments and concerns, we’ll cover as much as we can to gain a better understanding of your situation. During this time, we encourage you to ask questions, provide insight and interject as often as you need to feel confident in our services.

Second Step

We’ll begin compiling our recommendations. After thoroughly reviewing your financial documents and our meetings notes, we’ll explore a variety of avenues you can take to achieve your goals and fulfill your needs. Throughout this process, we’ll be keeping in mind your unique values, priorities and more to help ensure your expectations are met.

Third Step

Everyone will meet up to discuss our recommendations, any questions you may have and the next steps. If there’s any action needed on your end, we’ll make sure you have a step-by-step guide to complete these tasks. After this meeting, we’ll take a look at the calendar to see when would be a good time to review your progress and make sure you’re getting the maximum value out of our services. 

Let’s Get Started

Our Solutions

Offering a Range of Services

To help you achieve your retirement dreams.

When it comes to your retirement, there’s a variety of concerns that may be on your mind. From how much money you should be putting away every month to which stocks suit your investment personality best, we can help alleviate your concerns by providing you with in-depth insight and education on which steps will lead you to the most favorable results.

Humble, simple people, we’re not focused on generating as much profit as possible — we do what we do because we truly want to help you. There is no outside incentive for us to work with you because, in our eyes, your success is better than any amount of money. And the more successful you are, the more successful we become. 

What We Offer

Financial Planning New Castle, PA Mrozek Financial 

Financial Planning

Investment Planning New Castle, PA Mrozek Financial 

Investment Planning

Insurance Solution New Castle, PA Mrozek Financial 

Insurance Solutions


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Lighting Your Financial Future

So you enjoy a beautiful and fulfilling retirement.

Your retirement is a culmination of all your hard work and dedication through the years, and it deserves to be enjoyed and celebrated. Let us help show you what’s possible so your retirement years are some of the best years yet!

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